Computer Lab

Computer Lab

RIMT Introduction

In today's technological era, knowledge of computer is essential to live up to the expectation of the modern health care Computer lab in our nursing college provides a learning atmosphere to the students so that they can acquaint themselves with the computer application and skills.


  • 1.Computer can be used for online education and research with the help of internet.
  • 2.Students can find useful informational about their case study, assignment etc.
  • 3.To help students embrace technology as a part of curriculum.
  • 4.To give an access to practice and improve their skill in computer as its is requirement in their clinical settings.


  • We have a well furnished and well ventilated computer lab.
  • There are numerous computers in our lab.
  • There are sufficient chairs and air conditioning system is available.
  • Internet facility is also available along with wi-fi, TwC, printer for each computer in our lab.


  • Students and Faculty are using the internet facility for reference purpose.
  • Students improve their skills and knowledge in computer by using the lab periodically.
  • Students can develop their knowledge in hospital management system by enhancing their practice and by adhering to the new software system which is highly sophisticate and used in almost all hospital setting in present scenario.