Advance Nursing Skill Lab

Advance Nursing Skill Lab


  • The lab accommodates students by providing scheduled time for both skill practice and patients- specific preparation in all specialties.
  • The lab contains advanced instruments and equipment pertaining to all nursing courses.
  • The role of the teachers in the Advance nursing practice lab is to support students learning by assisting the students with skill practice and developing critical thinking.
  • The lab has an abundance of resources and equipments to enhance both.


  • Foster and reinforce learning using emulation technology and related resources.
  • Provide hands on learning experiences to course objectives as directed by the nursing curriculum.
  • Foster independent students learning opportunities, which promote a model for lifelong learning.
  • Increase preparedness for dealing with high acuity cases in all the specialties.


  • In our college an advanced skill lab aims at teaching and training students with the essential advanced nursing skills
  • This Lab helps the use of skills taught by repeated practice on mannequins.
  • The skill lab clearly defines the learning out comes against each activity being demonstrated.
  • This helps the nursing supervisor to strengthen their weakness in particular skills.
  • It helps to reinforce their knowledge through repeated practice of their procedure on mannequins.
  • The instructors are there to assist students on a one to one basis, as they work through the skills of procedures using different learning.