Nutrition Lab

Nutrition Lab


Our nutrition lab is equipped and well furnished with utensils & nutritional charts. It is well ventilated, lighting and adequate water facilities. The students can assess the nutritional needs, caloric requirement of different age groups and during various disease condition.


  • To acquired knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum human health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nutrition.


  • To describe the relationship between nutrition & health.
  • To describe the classification, function, sources & recommendation daily allowance of food.
  • To describe the sources function and requirement of water & electrolytes.
  • To describe various national programme related to nutrition.


  • We have well ventilated & well furnished nutrition Lab.
  • We have facilities in nutrition lab like glass ware articles, refrigerator, mixture& all utensils to cook food.


  • To introduce students about cookery rule & preservation of nutrients.
  • To make them aware about principles methods of cooking & serving.