Health care


Pre clinical Science laboratory is designed to enable the students to acquire Knowledge of the Anatomical Structure& Functions, Biochemical Composition and its alteration of the Human Body Systems. This Lab also provides the opportunity for the students to identify the Micro-organism and practicing infection control methods. The Nursing Students are utilizing the Pre clinical Science laboratory which is a collaboration Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Pathology in order to develop knowledge. The students witness the dissection of human tissues, learn about various specimens, model. For example, skeleton, dis-articulated bones etc. The students learn how to handle microscope and see the morphology of microbial pathogens.


  • 1.To describe the anatomical terms, organization of human body.
  • 2.To describe the structure and function of the systems.
  • 3.Develop tissue handling dissecting skills.
  • 4.Appreciate the students for their good skills and procedures.


  • 1.In our college Pre-clinical science lab is having good ventilation and proper lighting and proper sitting arrangement.
  • 2.The laboratory comprise of a large dissecting room, dedicated anatomy room, materials, model, specimens, and charts related to various system of human body the students are encouraged to use our anatomy lab so as about to learn anatomy of all organs in human body.
  • 3.The lab is well furnished in such a way that the students are able to acquire their knowledge through the different demonstration.


  • Focusing on content that is best highlighted in the laboratory setting and observations reinforce material with hand on practices.
  • Observing charts related to various system.
  • Comparing models and specimen with theoretical knowledge.

Hearing the brief view about physiology of the organs by handling working models