Student Clubs


The club is a democratic body consisting of elected representatives of students to look after their various activities. It has three societies:

TECHNICAL SOCIETY - The society endeavors to promote scientific and technical knowledge among the students by holding lectures and debates. The society organizes excursions and visits to places of scientific and technical interest. Competitive examinations in scientific and technical subjects are held and prizes are awarded to winners.

GAMES, SPORTS AND ATHLETICS SOCIETY - The society provides facilities for the students in outdoor as well as indoor games and sports such as football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, badminton etc.he Institute has a well-equipped air conditioned Gymnasium for students with a qualified physical trainer. Various sports competition are conducted annually.

CULTURAL SOCIETY - The society arranges exhibition of documentary and other films of educational interest. Social and cultural programmes on various occasions are also organized. The motto behind the creation of this society is to bring out the real feeling of united we stand and divided we fall.


The President and the Chairman of the Group are the patrons of the club. Director is the Chairman and Dean is the President of the club. The faculty member is the Vice-President of the society.